Former undergraduates

I have a strong commitment to undergraduate research and it is one of my top priorities as a faculty member at Emory. Many of the undergraduates who have worked in my lab have presented their projects at national conferences or published in scholarly journals such as Endocrinology, Brain Research, and the Journal of Comparative Neurology. I mentor undergraduates in the SURE, SIRE, REU, Honors and 499 (Biology, Psychology, or NBB) programs. For information on how to become involved, click here.

Emily Kim

​Emily joined our lab in 2018.  She helped us show an important role for estrogen receptors in aggression in white-throated sparrows. She then investigated the effects of oxytocin antagonist on song learning in zebra finches.

Sidharth Dharmmireddy

Sidharth is an NBB major interested in the interplay between genes and environment as they shape behavior. In our lab he contributed to a project on how genetic variation in estrogen receptor expression drives individual differences in aggression in sparrows. Ultimately we hope to show that the receptor protein is expressed at higher levels in birds with a more aggressive phenotype.

Mohammad Alhamdan

Mohammad, a computer science major, helped to implement a behavioral assay to quantify social reward in young songbirds. He also helped to characterize their vocal development by using spectral analysis.

Prasanna Karur

Prasanna is an NBB major at Emory. While in our lab, he helped to design and implement a behavioral assay for testing the role of oxytocin receptors in song learning in zebra finches. He continues to work with monkeys in the lab of Dr. Jocelyne Bachevalier.

Eric Broner

Eric aspires to be a music producer. In our lab, he used these skills to help us with audiovisual recording and analysis of bird song. 

Abhinav Nair

Abhinav joined our lab via Emory's Research Partners Program. Previously, in his genetics class, he noted that examples of inherited characteristics are nearly always physical features. But how do genes influence behaviors? In our lab he explored this question by investigating how changes in gene sequence relate to social behavior.

Caleb Sowers

​Caleb was in our lab a short time but we miss him still. He helped us with all sorts of things, always with a smile. Good luck in your future lab, Caleb!

Teresa Pan

Like many other undergrads who have worked in our lab, Teresa double-majored in music. She is interested in animal behavior, particularly in how animals perceive and deliver sounds to communicate with others. In our lab she studied how preferences for hearing certain sounds shape a songbird's ability to produce those sounds.

George Jiang

George is a biology major interested in the effects of hormones on the brain and behavior.  In our lab, he helped develop a new behavioral assay that can be used to test for effects of pharmacological manipulation on aggressive behavior. 

Konya Badsa

Konya majored in Quantitative Science and Biological Anthropology. She came to us with a ton of experience in Data Science, and in our lab she totally redesigned the database we use to keep track of our breeding colony of zebra finches. Thanks, Konya!

Yuchen Hu

Yuchen graduated from Emory in 2015. She is interested in how and why genes and the environment interact to shape individual behavior. In our lab she explored how a chromosomal inversion in our model organism contributes to vocal aggression. Congrats Yuchen on your “Best Presentation in the Natural Sciences” award from the SIRE program!

Gulrukh Shaheen

Gul is a Biology major and joined the lab in Fall 2015. While in high school she won a major award for a science project and got to meet the Mythbusters, Bill Nye and President Obama! In our lab, she helped set up a brand new breeding colony of zebra finches.

Donald Williams

Donny participated in the SURE program during summer 2015. At his undergraduate institution, Sonoma State University, he worked with mandrills. Here at Emory worked with a sparrow model to understand the genetic basis of territorial aggression.

Lindsey Rickman

Lindsey is an NBB major interested in the genetics of social behavior. She served as our lab manager during the 2014-2015 academic year. In the process she facilitated all of our ongoing work! Thanks Lindsey!

Uyen Hoang

Uyen is an NBB major at Emory and is interested in understanding the mechanisms of behavior on a molecular and physiological level. In our lab, she looked at how socially-induced neural and behavioral responses are affected by endocrine state.

Emily Young

Emily majored in Biology at Georgia Tech. Before joining our lab, she worked in forensic chemistry, cognitive neuroscience, and computational modeling. In our lab, she explored the genetic architecture of social behavior by determining how a chromosomal inversion has affected the expression of neuroendocrine genes inside it.

Camden MacDowell

An NBB major, Camden is broadly interested in the neural basis of behavior. In 2013, he was awarded a training fellowship in Computational Neuroscience. He's also nominated for a prestigious Goldwater Fellowship! Congrats Camden!

Ariella Iancu

Ariella is an NBB major. While in our lab she investigated how the brain responds to cues in the environment that regulate reproduction and reproductive behavior.

Shirley Hao

Shirley participated in the SURE 2012 program and continued her project with us as a lab assistant. She studied whether behavioral polymorphism in our model organism is related to the expression of serotonin receptors in the brain, and whether that expression depends on circulating levels of plasma androgens.

Dene Voisin

Dene is a student at Spelman College and participated in the 2012 BRAIN program run by the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience. She assisted in a study of seasonal changes in singing behavior and testosterone-dependent regulation of vasotocin receptors.

Anya Grozhik

Anya was an undergraduate researcher in our lab during the summer of 2009, returned during summer 2010 as a SURE fellow, and stayed on to continue her research on the distribution and regulation of neuropeptide receptors in the brain. She defended her Honors Thesis in 2012 and is now a graduate student in Neuroscience at Weill Cornell Medical School.

Sarah Earp

Sarah did a double major in Music and NBB. In our lab, she forged new ground in an interdisciplinary study that bridged both disciplines: She combined behavioral, imaging, and histochemical studies to test the hypothesis that birdsong really is music! Check out her work in US News, Huffington Post, and the NY Times! She is currently in Medical School at the Cleveland Clinic.

Ali Rae

Ali majored in NBB and is interested in both neuroscience and ethology. In our lab, he looked at how the brain processes environmental cues to regulate the onset of reproduction. He's currently working on MD and MPH degrees at Brown and Columbia.

Eleanor Spencer

Eleanor is interested in hormones and their role in behavior and reproduction. In our lab, she assisted Dr. Horton with his work on the genetic and neuroendocrine underpinnings of social behavior.

Emily Kim

Emily double majored in NBB and psychology. While in our lab, she worked on a project involving environmental modulation of reproductive function.

Tony Tran

Tony is interested in the neurobiological mechanisms underlying behavior. In our lab he investigated how hormones affect auditory processing. 

Jessica Phillip

Jessica scored many hours of behavioral videos in our lab. In so doing, she contributed significantly to our work on how hormones affect auditory processing.

Faiaz Azfar

Faiaz is interested in behavioral sciences and health education. His contributions to the lab helped keep it running smoothly.

Melody Martin

As a SURE fellow during summer 2010, Melody investigated the rapid effects of hearing conspecific vocalizations on the catecholaminergic innervation of the auditory forebrain.

Anjani Chitrapu

Anjani majored in NBB and Biology with a German Studies minor. A veteran of the SIRE program, in our lab she studied the effects of reproductive hormones on auditory responses in songbirds. She’s now at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Markese Sanders

Markese worked with us during his senior year as an NBB major. While in our lab during Fall 2010, he was involved in a variety of projects.

Cherie Gu

A chemistry major, Cherie was in our lab during the 2009-2010 academic year. Her project focused on the distribution and regulation of estrogen receptors in the brain. Congratulations, Cherie, on your “Best Poster in the Natural Sciences” award!

Zachary Roward

A biology major, Zack studied hormonal modulation of auditory function in our lab. Among his other accomplishments are working as emergency medical technician and co-founding the American Red Cross club at Emory.

Said Saab

Said graduated with HIghest Honors in NBB in 2009. His honors project involved the molecular mechanisms of photoperiodism. He’s was awarded multiple postgraduate fellowships and is now a resident in Ob/Gyn at Penn.

Prathyusha Mididoddi

While in our lab, Prathyusha studied the neuroendocrine basis of social behavior. Her poster won a top award at the SIRE poster session! She graduated in May, 2009. She is now practicing pediatrics in Augusta, GA.

Arundhati Murthy

Aru came to our lab via the INSPIRE program at Emory. She investigated the hormonal and catecholaminergic modulation of auditory processing.

Tara Essock-Burns

Tara majored in NBB at Emory. During the summer of 2008, she participated in a number of lab projects. 

Zane Blanton

Zane is a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology and participated in Emory’s SURE program in 2008. While in our lab, he studied the hormonal and catecholaminergic modulation of auditory processing. He is now a data scientist in Chicago.

Jessica Lake

An NBB major at Emory, Jessica participated in the SIRE and SURE programs in 2006 and 2007. She earned a PhD at Duke and is now a postdoctoral fellow at UCLA.

Madiha Raees

While participating in the SIRE program in our lab. Madiha analyzed the effects of testosterone on the behavioral response to hearing song in males.

Meredith LeBlanc Maxwell

In our lab, Meredith studied the hormonal and catecholaminergic modulation of auditory processing. Meredith successfully defended her honors thesis in April 2007 and graduated with highest honors (summa cum laude). She’s now practicing family medicine.

Laura Mayer

Laura participated in the SURE program and presented her results at the Society for Neuroscience national conference in 2006. She is currently practicing dentistry in Atlanta, GA.

Ben Solomon

Currently practicing obstetrics & gynecology in Annapolis, MD.

Ellen Cho

Ellen participated in the SURE program in 2005. She is currently practicing anesthesiology at Emory Hospital.

Kai Kincheloe

Kai participated in the SURE program in 2005.

Jamison Brewer

Jamison was a SURE fellow in 2004 and graduated with Honors in 2005. He is currently practicing law in Michigan.

Kelly Erwin

Currently practicing psychiatry in New Orleans, LA.

Chaim Nelson

Currently practicing anesthesiology in New York, NY

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