What does this research have to do with psychology?

My work is interdisciplinary in nature, and I feel at home in a variety of different academic settings. At different points in my career I have been affiliated with programs in biology, zoology, neurobiology, medicine, biophysics, animal science, and psychology. At Emory College, faculty interested in neuroscience and behavior at a systems level (whole organisms) have found a welcoming home in the department of psychology. Although Emory classifies psychology as a social science, my own work falls into the category of natural science.


Our research is relevant to many different fields, including but not limited to neuroscience, endocrinology, genetics, ecology, agriculture, and zoology.

The Psychology and Interdisciplinary Sciences (PAIS) Building at Emory houses psychology faculty offices, but no neuroscience wet labs. All wet labs associated with the Psychology department are located in the Rollins Research Center (below) or at Yerkes.

The O. Wayne Rollins Research Center houses neuroscience labs associated with the department of Psychology, along with science departments such as Biology, Pharmacology, and Biochemistry.