Other Lab Veterans

Ryan Polk

ION Student-Scholar

Ryan participated in the ION program in Summer 2015. In our lab he helped develop new ways to quantify the density of immunolabeled fibers in the brain.  

Lyndonia McKenzie

ION Teacher-Scholar

Lyndonia teaches environmental science at Clarkston HIgh School. She participated in the Institute on Neuroscience (ION) immersion program for high school students and teachers. In our lab she investigated how different kinds of steroid hormone receptors may interact to affect behavior.

Nathan James

ION Fellow

Nathan graduated from Grady HIgh School in Atlanta in 2012 and participated in the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience’s Institute on Neuroscience (ION) program. In our lab he investigated the regulation of reproduction by photoperiodic cues. He’s now attending Case Western University.

Paul Ginart

ION Fellow

Paul was a member of the lab during his high school days. He graduated from Princeton in 2010 and went on to earn an MD/PhD at Penn.

Shana Augustin


Shana graduated from the University of the Virgin Islands in 2006 with a degree in Biology. While in our lab she worked on the genetic basis of social behavior. Shana went on to earn a PhD at the University of Chicago.

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