Become a Birdbrain

Students interested in pursuing graduate work with us are encouraged to apply to the Graduate Program in Neuroscience, the Graduate Program in Population Biology and Evolutionary Ecology, or the Neuroscience and Animal Behavior Program. Undergraduates wishing to do research projects should contact Dr. Maney to apply. If accepted, undergraduates usually register for Psychology 499, Biology 497R, or NBB 498R to earn academic credit for research. They may also apply for a research position via the Research Partners or SURE programs. Alternatively, work-study positions may be available.

The Maney lab is committed to fostering an inclusive community. Click here for more information.

Many Emory and Georgia Tech undergraduates have completed successful projects in the Maney lab, published papers or abstracts, and presented their work at scientific meetings. Examples of papers or posters by undergraduates (in bold) are as follows:

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